Jo P. Garber

What We Offer


Cool Words is an across the country supplier of public speaking abilities for main school students. Training is provided to this age-group in the understanding that the earlier these abilities are found out, the earlier they become force of habit. Workshops are created to cater either straight for the students or as part of a CPD program for instructors.

How can we help?

Public speaking gives stress and anxiety for lots of people and the earlier these worries can be conquered, the earlier a crucial life-skill for the future can be established. Failure to conquer stress and anxieties about speaking out early in life can have an unfavorable influence on a student's capability to actively take part in the class and connect with their peers. This can lead to underachievement throughout the curriculum. Workshops appropriate for students of all capabilities and are as important for motivating less positive students to find their voice as they are for extending more positive students to move on.

Cool Words workshops have a tested performance history of assisting establish self-confidence and making it possible for students to consult with effect in front of their peer group. All sessions are interactive, fun and motivational. Students deal with establishing essential speaking and listening abilities and the sessions intend to offer students the self-confidence to provide themselves and their concepts in a clear, positive way.

With extremely experienced, expert fitness instructors, and through using a series of basic yet efficient games, Cool Words teaches students the most essential abilities they need to become positive communicators, assisting them establish their social abilities and become active individuals in the class.

Providing each and every student the chance to find their voice develops a favorable structure for students to play an active function within class. Cool Words develops each workshop in collaboration with the individual school needs, putting focus on locations felt to be of most value for student advancement.